On August 8th the crew came back together to conquer the Hell on The Hill for the 2nd time. 

It may look like a regular hill…but it’s not. It’s pissed off. It’s relentless. It’s slippery.’s fucking steep. 66 yards with a 32% incline. That’s running on a treadmill at 2x its steepest setting. 

Going up 1 time hurts, doing 100 - well, some have said that was the hardest thing they have ever done. EVER. That hill is NO JOKE. And It’s for the elite. 

Me and 40 other crazies (most either: pro athletes, pro athlete trainers, UFC fighting champs, 100 mile men, ultra marathoners, fitness kings or this years winner - a man dubbed “the fittest man on earth"…) had 4 hours to complete this insanity and race our hearts out for a cause we each personally believed in. With 100 trips up...100 trips down… my time was 3:12. We climbed about 4800 feet and proudly raised money for the charity of our choice. 

We compete together…and complete together.